The road to becoming a doctor

Becoming a doctor may be the dream of many people.  The journey starts with hard work throughout school and the desire to excel and you would have an advantage if you do well in your SPM or O Level in science and maths subjects.

President College specialises in providing pre-tertiary programmes for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, business and engineering as well as A levels and Canadian Pre-University programmes.  Accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency, as one of the leading providers of Foundation n Science programmes in Malaysia.  President College partners with universities which accept students and guarantee placements for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering and business.

President College links with renowned universities worldwide in countries such as Malaysia, Russia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and China.  This enables students to obtain highly sought-after degrees through advanced standing or credit transfer arrangements with these universities.

Russia is one of the top and popular choices for students has the top two medical universities – Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) and Russian State Medical University (RSMU).  These two universities have produced some of the best medical professionals in the country and there is a large population of Malaysian students at RSMU and MSMU.  These two universities are recognised by the WHO Medical Council and Unesco.

Students completed their pre-tertiary studies at President College also have the option of entering local universities, such as Mahsa, MSU, IMU, Penang International Dental College etc and they have the option to study locally wit financial support from PTPTN.  This work out to be relatively cheaper for the students.

President College, with the help of Education 360 network (Edu360), helps students with placements in any of the linked universities and helps students apply for the courses, completed with correct documentation.  Edu360 counsellors will ensure that students and parents compile, prepare and submit all necessary documentation properly, correctly and on time for guaranteed seats.  Edu360 will also work on obtaining the Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Higher Education.

It will also offer guidance and help in submission of visa applications, handling approval and collection of visa, which includes medical check-up and a complete pre-departure briefing.  Edu360 will also take care of travelling, accommodation, employment placement and housemanship upon completion of studies.

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