Smile, You are going to be a dentist

Dentists are known to be artists as well as scientists as they are not only required to have the scientific knowledge and technology of diagnosing, preventing and treating oral diseases and oro-facial anormalies but also need to be skilled in handling the many tools, materials, instruments and equipment to execute treatment.

Students with a dream to become a dentist should have excellent interpersonal skills and be patient, caring and sympathetic.  They should have an eye for detail, manual dexterity and the ability to understand, retain and recall scientific.

Starting with a foundation in science, students need to grasp the basic knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

At President College, the foundation course offered allows students to “settle in” to the university education system, and allows them to gain knowledge in the particular area of studies.  The programme is designed to be completed in a year although the time frame can be altered so students would be able to make it for their intakes to certain universities.

Students are tested with a weekly diagnostic test which will determine if they have grasped the knowledge in the specific subject in the week.  Where getting qualifications of dentistry is concerned, expect to spend at least four years in university studying various procedures, treatments and preventive measures needed to assist people with their dental problems.  Lectures and labs are part of the curriculum.  The actual treatment of patients begins in the third year of dental school.

Specialists in one of nine recognised specialities will require further study, internships and residencies.  Those looking at the fields of research can expect to continue the learning process for up to five more years.  At the end of this period, teaching at a university level and researching becomes a possibility.

After five years of studying Dentistry, students can choose a specialisation.

The road to becoming a dentist begins with a desire to help people and brighten the world with beautiful smiles.  First, learn how to become a dentist and then take the necessary steps to become one, which includes undergraduate studies and dental school.

With the help of President College, students can be on the correct pathway to a future Dentistry.  After completion of pre-tertiary studies at President College, students have the option of a wide variety of universities.  Through its patented Education360 (edu360) method of learning, students develop in knowledge, skills and personality.

Accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency as one of the leading providers of the Foundation in Science [FSc] (A7356) programme in the country, President College partners with universities which guarantee placements for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering and Business.

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